Bikes & Riders

Our team bikes were designed and built by Breadwinner Cycles. They were kind enough to name the model after the team - the Komorebi. The bikes were built with outstanding components thanks to our sponsors: Portland Design Works, Phil Wood & Co., Velocity USA, and White Industries. We ride with Revelate Design bags, MiiR hydration bottles, and Wildeor camp kitchen tools. Learn more about our Sponsors here. 


Jocelyn Gaudi is at home in the hills on her bike. She is also at home in the beautiful city of Portland where she enjoys gardening and spending quality snuggle time with her cat Birdie.

Jocelyn is the marketing manager at Portland Design Works,  a member of the City of Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee and an Ambassador for Juliana Bicycles.

Can't forget it gear: Ti flask and PDW Magic Flute pump

Favorite trail snack: Hummus, tortillas and anything coconut 

Go-to motivational quotes: "Stay together, learn the flowers, go light." - Gary Snyder


Kim Danielson is always up for an adventure to renew her spirit.  She is a day dreamer that is the happiest when she turns those dreams into reality.  

Her training as a plant ecologist has taught her to take the time to smell the roses.  She thinks that flower bouquets are a bikepacking essential.

Can't-forget-it-gear: Chapstick and poetry

Favorite trail snack: Tangerines and salami

Motto: "To learn of the pine, go to the pine." - Bashō 


Sharon “Krazzy Leggs” Sandoval is a utility player (project manager, business analyst, process engineer) by trade and her spirit animal is a blue-ringed octopus. 

Her husband introduced her to cycling around 15 years ago and she’s been on two wheels since. She races and rides all around the great U.S. of A, which has allowed her the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful places and people ever!

Can't-forget-it-gear: Duct tape and show tunes

Favorite trail snack: Corn dogs with extra crappy yellow mustard

Go-to motivational quote: "If you do't say whoop whoop about 3 times daily, you're doing it wrong!"


Caitlin Lomen is a graphic designer who happily calls Portland, Oregon home. She is a proud native northwesterner, will always approach a cat on the street, and subscribes to nine magazines. 

She likes riding bikes because it makes her feel strong, capable, a certain amount of graceful, and has introduced her to some of the most wonderful people.

Can't-forget-it-gear: friends!

Favorite trail snack: peanut butter and banana burrito  

Go-to motivational quote: "Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." -Julia Child 

Kristin Valentine went from casual commuter to triathlete to road racer. Now she's most happy as a mountain biker and all around adventure-haver.

When not on two wheels, she's running around with her dogs or spending entirely too much time in front of computer screens programming. 

Can't-forget-it-gear: any fancy or unfancy way to make coffee, but always fancy chamois cream

Favorite trail snack: peanut butter and honey burritos

Motto: "Just jump it!"