We're so Glad you're here. 

So you want to learn how to bikepack. But you have questions. Maybe a few concerns. And you're just not quite sure how to begin.

Good news - the Komorebi Cycling Team (KCT) is here to support you! In fact, we'd like to invite you to join the team. It doesn't matter that you've never bikepacked before. An authentic interest, earnest motivation, actionable progress to learn and, later, share your knowledge of and love for off-road touring automatically qualifies you as a team member. So welcome YOU, newest KCT member! 

Depending upon your experience level, we've got (and will be continuously adding) information that we hope will education you on the whats, hows, whens, wheres of bikepacking. Click on a link below that peaks your interest... but don't wait too long to read the "Plan Your First Trip" article - the fastest way to become a bikepacker is just to go out and bikepack! 

Got questions that you can't find an answer to? No doubt that others are asking the same thing! Reach out to use via the Connect form and let us know what keeps you awake at night (as it relates to bikepacking, please!) and we'll be sure to respond and add your inquiry to our catalog of information. No question is too silly - we were all first timers at some point. Your questions are valid and an integral part of growing this team. Thanks in advance. 


Not your average bike team.

Komorebi Cycling is a non-competitive team. We don't race. We don't even ride that hard, unless we want to. Really, we just do what feels right - that's what guides our adventures and our drive to share the love of bikepacking. Read more about our foundation, history and goals on the About page.