Chain Of Lakes Packing Lists

See below specific packing lists for each Komorebi Cycling team rider for our Chain of Lakes trip, a 70 mile loop with perfect weather predicted (highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s, no precipitation) and lots of accessible alpine lakes. Consider using these lists as a starting place for your own trip!


Hazel Gross

Shelter and accessories: Eagle's Nest Outfitters hammock, rain fly and straps, sleeping bag, compression bag, 4 rain fly stakes, inflatable camp pillow, headlight, headlamp

Food and prep gear: 64 oz beer, 4 packets of peanut butter, bagel, sardines, block of cheese, salami, pack of small tortillas, avocado, vitamins, alcohol cook stove/small bottle of fuel, windscreen, 2 pots and pot stand, 3 L water bladder, Platypus Gravity water purifier, dehydrated pad thai, dehydrated huevos rancheros, 3 packets of oatmeal, 2 homemade energy bars, homemade beef jerky, Nuun hydration tablets, coffee, mug, 4 tea bags, powdered milk, nutritional yeast, MIIR water bottle, 2 gel packets

Clothing and toiletries: 1 t-shirt, 1 tank top, 1 pair bib shorts, 1 pair knee high socks, 1 pair short socks, sun sleeves for arms and legs, swimsuit, pack towel, bike shoes, flipflops, helmet, ball cap, flannel, sunglasses, sunscreen, bamboo cleaner/hand wipe, Burt's Bees face wipes, 

Tools and etc.: first aid kit, battery pack, Garmin 805, Leatherman, 2.5-6 mm allen set, CO2 cartridge/inflator, 2 tire levers, 1 tube, 1 shift cable, tire boots, windproof matches, lighter, book, Diana_+ camera plus two rolls of film and two lenses, small digital camera, notebook and pen, knife, cell phone

Packed in: Revelate Designs Jerry Can, Sweet Roll, Ranger frame bag, Mountain Feed Bag, Gas Tank, Viscacha seat bag, hip pouch.

Kristin Valentine

Shelter and accessories: REI half done tent (shared with teammate), sleeping bag, down backpacking pillow, Thermarest sleeping pad, 

Food and prep gear: MSR soloist (includes pot, bowel), spork, Whisper Lite stove, Sweetwater pump filter, PB&J tortillas x2, extra tortillas, freeze dried dinner, can of smoked trout to add to dinner, oatmeal, dried coconut, hot cocoa mix (to add to coffee), coffee, Snowpeak collapsible pour over coffee brewer, filters, mug, trail mix, lots of Lara bars, jerky, dried plantains, Pear x2, dried mango, 3 water bottles (or 2 bottles + bladder), flask of whiskey

Clothing and toiletries: Giro bike shoes, helmet, short finger gloves, kerchief, flipflops, Icebreaker wool long sleeve, REI puffy coat, thick wool socks for night, thin wool socks for riding x2, bib shorts x2, wool jersey or t-shirt x2, arm warmers, vest, bathing suit, lightweight dress, underoos, sunglasses, tights, flat brim hat, chamois cream!, Dr. Bronner's for all washing needs, toothbrush and paste, Badger's sun block with bug repellant, comb, moisturizers with SPF, camp towel, chapstick with SPF, tampon, deodorant, ear plugs, first aid kit

Tools and etc.: Spare tube, patch kit, CO2 x2 cartridges, PDW Little Silver pump, multi-tool with 
chain tool, power link, PDW Lars Rover 650, pocket knife, camera phone wallet, Garmin, charging battery, map, cue sheet

Packed in: Revelate Designs frame bag, sweet roll, Viscacha seatpost bag, Jerry Can, and Mountain Feed Bag, REI ultralight backpack, 2 Sea to Summit compression sacks


Jocelyn Gaudi

Shelter and accessories: ground tarp, Thermarest NeoAir sleeping pad, Brooks-Range 15* quilt, inflatable pillow, headlamp

Food and prep gear: apple, chunk of white cheddar, salmon jerky, veggie chips, Honey Stinger waffle x2, GU Mocha x2, ProBar, Hungry Hiker curry, oatmeal mix, ground Stumptown coffee, Helix coffee dripper, filter x4, Wildeor stove, fuel, Platypus Gravity Works filter, MIIR water bottle, water bladder, GSI 2L pot, lid & potholder, mug, ti spork, Snowpeak ti flask

Clothing and toiletries: wool jersey, wool tank top, wool cycling shorts, overshorts, wool socks x2, thick wool socks, cycling shoes, lightweight flipflops, bikini, wool tights, puffy coat, bandana, helmet, short finger gloves, ball cap, face wipes, sunscreen, chamois cream packets, small piece of deodorant, small toothpaste, toothbrush, comb

Tools and etc.: First Aid kit, spare tube, patch kit, multi-tool, tire levers, master link, PDW Little Silver pump, CO2 cartridges x2, trowel, TP, small notebook and pen, In Case of Emergency contact card for team, external battery, cell phone, Kindle, paper map, Garmin, cell phone with Ride GPS app, cue sheet

Packed in: Revelate Designs frame bag, seat bag, handlebar bag, feed bag, Salsa Anything bag/cage x2, Blaq Paks hip pouch

Kim Danielson

Shelter and accessories: 1 person Northface tent, stakes and rain fly, sleeping bag, 3/4 Thermarest pad, headlamp

Food and prep gear: dried pasta, tuna, cheese, butter garlic, oatmeal packet x2, trail mix, granola bars x2, Cliff Bars x2, Margarita shot block, flat bread, 1 red pepper, handful of radishes, cherries, chocolate bars, coffee, tea, 1 beer, spork, Optimus Crux stove, fuel, pots, camp cup, handful of Riesens, chapstick with SPF, chamois cream, 2 MIIR water bottles

Clothing and toiletries: light long sleeve button up, comfy bra, undies, hiking tights, warm wool socks, tank top, stocking cap, Giro boyshorts, overshorts, sports bra, bandana, cycling socks, KEEN hiking shoes, cycling cap, sunglasses, wool flannel, toothbrush, tooth paste, contact case and solution, glasses, lotion, sore muscle balm

Tools and etc.: Leatherman, headlight, camp towel, small notebook, book (Gary Synder - Mountains and Rivers Without End), safety meeting kit, rechargeable battery stick, camera, phone, sunscreen, sunglasses bag, pump, extra tube, multitool, tire levers, patch kit

Packed in: Revelate Designs handlebar bag, Gas Tank, Feed Bag, frame bag, and seat bag, Salsa Anything cage

Sharon Sandoval

Shelter and accessories:  Tent, 32* sleeping bag, sleeping pad, headlight

Food and prep gear: 2 small cans of tuna, 6 tortillas, 4 packets of almond butter, 1 freezed-dried mac and cheese, 4 pieces of beef jerky, bladder of wine (from Bota Box), muesli with fresh smooshed blueberries, Lara Bars, Endurolight capsules, Nuun, Indian food and rice, BBQ corn nuts, water bottle

Clothing and toiletries: fingerless gloves, Low Card trucker cap, compression tights, wool socks, cycling socks x2, cycling shorts x2, t-shirts x2, flipflops, sweatshirt, flannel, bikini, Burt Bee's wipes, Chanel lip gloss, hair ties, bug spray, sunblock

Tools and etc.: mulit-tool, 2 levers, 3 tubes, pump, tiny bungee cords, duct tape, zip ties, front bike light, med kit, Garmin 500 and charge cord, Iphone and charge cord, power stick,  disposable camera

Packed in: Revelate Designs handlebar bag, Gas Tank, Feed Bag, frame bag, and seat bag, Salsa Anything cage

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