Komorebi Tomodachi: Bavabici

Tomodachi ( 友 達 ) is the Japanese word for friends. Komorebi Tomodachi are friends we have invited to ride with us on a team adventure. We ask them to share a write-up on their experience - which we now present to you. 

Simona Bava, aka Bavabici, is an Italian born gal currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a passion for bikes, design and innovative thinking and curates fine cycling products for the European market. Find Simona online at www.bavabici.com and on Instagram @bavabici.

Chain of Lakes from an Italian point of view. So, I have been looking forward this adventure since November last year when Jocelyn from PDW riding around in the amazing Dunes on a fat bike start talking about the just born idea of the Komorebi Team.
My expectations were high but not high enough because this trip turned out to be totally awesome.
Eight amazing girls, the Komorebi Team and two guests (I was one), bikes, bags, beers and babes. So awesome.

A few days before we left I visted the amazing friendly Mountain Shop in NE to get equipped. I had one handlebar bag, my sleeping pad and bag and a tarp with me from Sweden but I needed a bike and some more bags.

The level of service in the Mountain Shop is something Swedish shops absolutely don’t even know how to spell. Their knowledge, kindness and professionality is one of the kind.

With a brand new Salsa Fargo and some Revelate bags, I left the shop assured that everything was fine. It was my first backpacking trip so I had just a little clue of what I needed and their help was of high value to me. Also I had Jocelyn to email back and fort with and when I started to pack on Friday afternoon I felt kind of safe. 

A short visit to the grocery store and I was ready for the first instagram pic.
We met at the PDW HQ and everything was set up by the team, food for the first night, lots of beers, lots of smiles, happy faces and big hug.

We left at 7 pm and reached the first campground in about a couple of hours.
Sitting in the car I was (as I always do) on my way to apologize for being .. well you know, too slow, too inexperienced, too anything. Kristin told the best line for the weekend: nobody is here to apologize - we are here to have fun. 
And we did.
After a great dinner and a warming fire we settled down for the night and slept as newborn babies.

A nice coffee cup and some eggs later we packed the bikes and from that moment my heart could only feel happiness. No fear, no apologizing, just pure 100% happiness. The weather was perfect the whole weekend, the trails were amazing, the company was one of the kind and we were riding bike, what else could you ask for?

We spent the second night with the best view of Mount Adams you can imagine, we chatted around the fire, some went for a swim, we all chilled tired and happy.

Second day was as good as first minus the feeling that oh-no-we-are -going-home-i-want-to-have-more-days-like-this.

One flat and 20 miles descent later we reached the cars and start packing the cars, drinking the left in the cars beers, and we all felt like the best bunch of rad ladies ever!

I am sitting at the airport writing this. In the total sadness of leaving Portland I still feel the happiness and radness of my first (but definitely not last) bikepacking trip. I wish everybody could start with such an experience and I wish people could behave and enjoy nature in the right way, I feel sorry that the Oregon Outback is now. Let’s spread the word treat nature as it was your home because it actually is.

Thanks Komorebi Team, Mountain Shop, PDW, Salsa Bikes, Revelate bags, Breadwinner and all the other people and brands that made this happen, it’s a memory for life, happiness for ever. 

And one more thing. Don’t make excuse, don’t wait for that long holiday time, just grab your bike, some food, good company and have a micro adventure at least once a month and you will feel the difference in your life, long live bikepacking!

Post by Simona Bava(bici).

Simona's Packing List

Shelter and accessories: Mountain Equipment Solo sleeping bag, Exped sleeping pad, MSR tarp, Black Diamond head lamp

Food and prep gear: Beef jerky, parmesan cheese, hummus, Quicos, 1 can of refried beans, bars x8, trail mix, dried cherries, 4 l water, 4 Team Sky hydrolites, 6 pack beer

Clothing and toiletries:  Giro boyshorts, jean shorts, Sugar Wheel Works t-shirt, Sugar Wheel Works cap, Carrera helmet, merino wool bra, lace bra, Arcteryx down jacket, socks x2, merino wool tank, Smartwool arm warmers, compression socks, Giro cycling shoes, Teva flipflops, Giro lightweight wind vest, Burt Bee's baby wipes, toothbrush, mini toothpaste, lightweight towel, mini soap, contact lenses stuff, glasses

Tools and etc.: Rechargeable battery for iPhone and cord, iPhone and handlebar holder, Sea to Summit poop in the woods shovel, waterproof matches, Skeletool knife, foldable bowl, foldable cup, Snow Peak ti mug, bungee cords x2, mini hardcore tape, extra tube, Park Tool patches, tire levers x2, PDW Ninja Pump + 2 CO2 cartridges, mini wrench, chaintool, extra chain link

Packed in: Porcelain Rocket handlebar roll, Revelate seat bag and frame bag, Acre Supply 14L backpack