Komorebi Tomodachi: Betsy Platt

Tomodachi ( 友 達 ) is the Japanese word for friends. Komorebi Tomodachi are friends we have invited to ride with us on a team adventure. We ask them to share a write-up on their experience - which we now present to you. 

Betsy Platt, owner of AcuOm Acupuncture, is a rad momma of 2 young sons that she hauls around on her cargo bike. She's also a member of the City of Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram

It all started with the invite - bike pack with some ladies - zero hesitation - yes!  Stoked, let's ride!
So, the next couple weeks were spent getting more excited, and planning, what to ride, what to bring...it came together so remarkable well that honestly, it was meant to happen.

Friday arrived and then 5:30....I was ready, and so were my lil boys - ready to spend the weekend with dad.  Off we went, headed east towards my Hood, ah yes, the full deep breaths came easier.

Great, interesting conversations made the drive a breeze, and before we knew it, we were there, Still Creek Campground.  After unloading bikes, and setting up tents, we headed into Govy, for food and drink.  So fun getting to know new people.  After a few pitchers, and yes food, we headed back to camp for an amazing campfire and the newest group addition, Betsey (she drove from Corvallis) pulled out her guitar and played some great jams - she's really good!

Saturday was finally here - I awoke to the most impressive display of pour-over coffee I'd ever witnessed.  I packed the little Starbucks Via's...I felt like a rookie, but they worked.  Banana bread, oatmeal, and the like got us ready to roll on.  We were ready!  Up out of the campground and into the Barlow trail - the quiet, the lack of cars, the energy - all  made the day spectacular.  

The temps were perfect, pretty cool in fact, but not cold.  There was so much history to take in,  and such surreal-ness riding on the trails that wagons rode many years ago..  We were fast, but not without a great deal of faffing. Just before the final descent into camp, we found an amazing lookout- the beauty and expanse of the Mt Hood National Forest was surrounding us.  Truly beautiful.  

We had a ripping descent into Keeps Mill Campground, and set up our tents riverside.  Learned some fun new games Saturday night - "table traverse" and "butt words" were among the faves.  Slept so good Saturday night.

I loved Sunday.  It was one of those epic, unforgettable days on a bike.  After our White River crossing, we climbed, then hucked our bikes over a tree in our path, and then climbed a lot more.  We were mountain biking - loaded, and so happy!  

We all rocked that climb - what a strong group of rad ladies.  Throughout the weekend, we had just perfect weather, the slight sprinkles were nearly magical, just enough to refresh you, no more.  When we finally made it back to civilization - I was a little sad - I wanted another day, or two.  What a weekend!  So glad to have made new friends, thanks for sharing your awesomeness with me, Komorebi Cycling Team. Cheers!