Komorebi Cameo in new Travel Oregon video

Screenshot from the Alvord Desert video from Travel Oregon

Last November, Sharon, Hazel and Jocelyn treked to the far southeast corner of Oregon - to the Alvord Desert. We were on location with a great team of media professionals working to produce the next series of Travel Oregon promo ads and we were stoked to have been invited to join them! 

We spent the whole day shooting in near-freezing temperatures, trying not to look cold and goofing off on the playa floor. Mid-day, we had lunch and several pots of coffee at The Fields Station in Fields, Oregon - population 120 souls. By the afternoon, the sun sinking quickly behind the Steens Mountain, the production team called it a wrap and we celebrated with cheap beers. 

Five months later, Travel Oregon has launched their newest campaign and we're super excited to share the final cut of the Alvord Desert promo video with you! For all those hours in front of the camera - they worked it down to 15 seconds. But it does the job in making you want to visit, right?!

Watch the video on the Travel Oregon Youtube channel.

And check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the day below!

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