Black Canyon Trail Featured on The Dropper Post

Jillian Betterly, a photographer and avid bike adventure based in Boulder, CO, joined us for our trip down the Black Canyon Trail in February. She shared her photos and experience in a Trip Report on The Dropper Post

"Each bike adventure brings on varying, different challenges. Dealing with change in route and plans, with little time to decide and move on, was this adventure’s unique challenge. As a group of women riding our first trip together, we did amazing with overcoming these challenges. Completing the route wasn’t the goal. Enjoying the adventure was, and with bikepacking, it’s all about the adventure!" - Jillian

Read more over at The Dropper Post. Thanks for riding with us, Jillian! Looking forward to the next adventure with the CO crew. 

Photo by Jillian Betterly.

Photo by Jillian Betterly.

Jocelyn GaudiComment